Personal Chef

Can you imagine having a gourmet chef prepare mouth-watering meals week after week? It doesn't have to be a luxurious fantasy for only the super rich; now it’s can be your reality as well!

Small Group Catering

Having an event for up to 100 people and not quite sure what to offer. Check out our menu and devise something new, different, 100% healthy and absolutely fantastic!!!

Special Needs Menu Planning

Having a special health condition whereby your diet is more directly affects your day to day health doesn't mean your menu has to forever be bland, tasteless and unappetizing. Diabetes, Heart Disease, HBP and some Cancers are no match for our special needs menu expertise.

Pantry Makeover

Need a little assistance ridding your pantry of all the bad foods that are taking up valuable space, cluttering it, and/or simply need to be replaced with healthy, nutritious foods for optimal health? Give Soultice a call and let us help you get that pantry in order so that it's a tool of heath enhancement as opposed to health hindering. 

Are you a professional, busy parent or active adult interested in improving your health conditions?

Would you like to change old habits, but you don't know where to start?

Have you tried many approaches;  however, nothing seems to stick?

Do you love good food, but don't feel comfortable in the kitchen?

Finally, are you seeking support and direction and are ready to start receiving positive results? If so, Soulful Wholistic Cuisine can help you with this journey.

Catering to the Dietary Needs of the Whole Self...

Soulstice Services