Our mission is to make wellness a part of your life. We seek to give you the tools that you need to be empowered to live a higher quality of life through the proper consumption of nutritious, wholistic foods that will lessen the impact of disease.

A Soulstice Wholisitc Cuisine Personal Chef Provides the following services to not only give you back that normal dinner prep time to do other things, but to also ensure you're getting the absolute best meal possible that's both good and good for you.

  • Weekly meals that fit your dietary and nutritional needs

  • Mouthwatering, nutritious, custom-prepared meals

  • Fine in home dining for special events for couples and groups

  • Dining options for seniors and those with special diets

  • Food and beverage pairing events

  • Cooking Lessons

  • Vacation home cooking

  • Whatever your dining mind can imagine

  • Time saved to focus on other things

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Can you imagine having a gourmet chef prepare mouth-watering meals week after week? It doesn't have to be a luxurious fantasy for only the super rich; now it’s can be your reality as well!
Personal chef services help families get back to the table and help everyone get back their evenings! Giving busy you, back your much-needed time. The food is prepared in your home where you know it's safe, with only the freshest and finest ingredients available. Click here to view sample menu or click here to view the Low Fat and Low Calorie Menu.

Your Personal Chef plans your menus, shops for the groceries, and prepares dishes for the evening meals. Your dinners are custom prepared for you and your family based on your choices! This means if you’re on a special diet we can accommodate you. Are your kids finicky eaters? We have menu suggestions for them too! Enjoy fine dining; we are highly experienced and superbly skilled!

The benefits of this type of service are many. You get to enjoy mouthwatering, nutritious custom-prepared meals in the comfort of your own home. You save hours each week since you don't have to worry about the planning, preparing, shopping or clean up. And you get time back for what you hold most important.

Leave the Cooking to Us and Take Back your Evenings!

Why A Personal Chef